About Us

Influencing a global community with a local impact

Our Identity

Birthed out of a calling to create a church for all people to experience Jesus Christ and baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dove Gospel represents the trinity of God in the scripture of Matthew 3:16-17. All who join with our collective and group have a single-minded intention to go among the nations proclaiming that Jesus Christ is LORD and helping to provide an opportunity for every person of every nation to experience the touch of God so that they may choose to follow him.

We believe in the intimate inward transformation by the Holy Spirit among the children of God.

Our church functions under the International arm of Dove Gospel – Group. This is a multinational network of administrative members, subsidiaries, charities, and development groups that allow for our church to grow at an exponential rate meeting the need for the younger generation coming to Christ.


Dove Gospel – Church is broken up into two teams:

  • International Visionary

Those belonging to the International Visionary team allow for the international oversight of our Church and it’s healthy operation in the body of Christ, as well as prompting new opportunities to reach the local population(s). This is typically exercised by our Multinational members.


  • Regional Visionary

We put empthasis on those who take residence in the countries they are serving. The Regional Visionary Team allows for Dove Gospel – Church to have boots on the ground no matter the time or date, those who hold the title of Regional Visionary member are commonly national members of our network.


We believe that the living word of God has placed a crucial mandate on our church that we are to create and maintain a space where those of all walks can join us for worship, communion and if filled by the Holy Spirit (which is demonstrated by the speaking of tounges) then in leadership through their respective leadership and church location. All deserve the opportunity to experience christ-centred growth and the time to serve the Kingdom in their gifting.

James Hughes

James Hughes

Senior Network Pastor

Our Leadership

Sn. Ps. James Hughes leads the International Visionary Team under the support of fellow founder Sn. Exec. Alex Joyce. This allows for Dove Gospel – Church to meet the criteria required for it’s membership to the International – Dove Gospel Group.