Care Team

We operate a team of people to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


You need some love!

24 Hours

7 Days a week

Love, Love, Love!

Be a Part of Making a Change

We are the first functional Christian hotline that operates in over thirty countries around the world, and routes the calls to someone best able to support and pray with you from the host country. 

Those willing to share love, compassion, and prayer with those who are in need will always be welcome to partner with us in order to change the life of another even just by a single phone call. 


Why we exist?

From the beginning of Dove Gospel we determined a need, a need for people to feel accepted no matter what they are going through; and to receive prayer and peer support from the extended body of Christ. Care Team was launched to fulfill and support that need from both the members in our church and abroad.


Here’s our number

Toll Free

Calls from within the host country to these phone numbers, do not incur cost to the callee. 

Australia: +61 1800 529 556

United States: +1 888 581 7884

United Kingdom: +44 800 066 4118

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Frequently Asked Questions

Counseling Services?

No member of our team is permitted to offer services rendered by trained professionals. All calls are answered and treated according to the highest privacy standards and for the purpose of peer based prayer. 

Who will answer?

Dove Gospel – Care Team has branches in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and intends to branch out into South Africa. Your call will be routed free of charge to the most appropiate and available person.

Suicide Prevention?

We have certain topics that are immediate flags for our callers, should we find someone is at risk of taking their life; we will initiate immediate steps to report this to local authorities and determine exact location.

Where is my information?

Depending on the answering caller, their location and availability your information/prayer request may be recorded in an internal database for the purpose of recording common requests. 

Service Assurance?

Our Care Team operations are provided as is, without restriction upon immediate change, termination, or structure change. Our team is provided at a best effort and under no circumstance is a service provided to a  caller.