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Care Team has been one of the founding ministries that we launched in association to Dove Gospel – Network. Our goal has been to help create a team of people able to answer the phone, that will pray for you and be there for just that moment you need a helping hand or the encouragement to keep your walk with the LORD strong and without failing completely.


1800 529 556

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United Kingdom

(0) 800 066 4118

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(0) 9-320 4130


(0) 1 440 8165

South Africa

(0) 87 550 1999


(0) 205 470988

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Since we do not identify Dove Gospel – Care Team as a service, we operate under the guise of preforming up to a standard set by our network of operations and management. This introduces a number of questions and we will try to answer the most common queries presented.

Are Called Recorded?
The care team has opted to have an authority to record calls at the discretion of the operator. All callees are warned prior to being connected that this is for training and safety purposes. Recordings are kept on a secure server and backed up to a raid disk that is only accessible by request of legal enforcement agencies or our managing visionary member of Dove Gospel – Network.
We operate a remote and primary base of operations stretching into Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, and South Africa. Each member has been trained to only pray for what you request and to provide basic peer support while on your call with them.
Sucidie Prevention?
All efforts will be made to connect callee with the necessary support to help them in their time of need. No member of our Care Team operations will provide the council or take responsibility in matters such as this.

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