Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

Our church is partner to the vision of people being brought up in their gifting, and be given the tools and resources in order to serve the Kingdom of God with both unity and strength of the church behind them.

Walter Mears

Walter Mears

Senior Pastor

River of Refuge Ministries started as a ministry based on the principal that Jesus Christ died for all and his love is available for all people. We are an inclusive ministry and do not care if you can sing, your income, gender, orientation, or race. We have never looked into the eyes of anyone Jesus doesn’t love. Our worship is a mix of old and new, making a place all can come and experience the love and a community of people who want to share in that love.

Our Beliefs & Values

We are a group, we are a people, a church with an empowered passion to love every person that walks through the door regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. Our goal is for all people to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.


By accepting people in all walks of life, we bring unity to the body by the teaching of loving thy neigbour as yourself. And if you can’t love yourself then how to do just that.


We are free from the confines of a controlled church that’s defined by the pastor(s). For through Christ we have liberty and a freedom in the spirit to learn and grow by the knowledge of Heaven.


Dove Gospel – Network has a foundation of love, all of us are called by the Bible to exibit not a conditional love, but rather a free love that holds no restriction based on president.


The truth of the living word of GOD breathes hope, but it is the Holy Spirit that brings salvation. Our church operates in the baptism of the Spirit.


This is the body of Christ, and the saying goes that we can’t choose family but we can our friends. We teach that those in the church are family by blood, and that we will be with one another for eternity.


Many churches pray for revival, for the HOLY FIRE to fall from heaven on to their congregation. Yet set the president that this will occur on their terms, I run this church on God’s terms and in his agenda will this revival fall. We come together as one body, one family for the purpose of glorifying the Father in Heaven. And releasing the baptism of the Holy Spirit on to his people.




Address: 9550 Oakland Ave, Detroit, MI 48211


Our venue is accessible to all people, with both wheelchair access and level entry for the older folk coming to church.



Join us for a service to experience a perfect God connecting intimately with his Children; for while we are imperfect we are made for relationship with Jesus.



We meet once a week on Sunday morning at 7:00pm with the exemption of special services and conferences running during the week.