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Sn. Ps. James Hughes
Sn. Ps. James Hughes
For those seeking contact with my pastoral team, you would be aware that we are filtering calls and operating on a restrictive service on the basis of need. We would like to announce that our team in the coming days will be returning the offering of public call access and providing an initial conversation without the need for verification! we're returning to normal. - Sn. Ps. James Hughes


“I do not want to be a pastor, but the LORD called upon me to start his Church. So here I am!”.

Sn. Ps. James Hughes

Growing up in Epping, NSW, Australia; Sn. Ps. James Hughes at the age of 18 years, launched with Net. Exec. Alex Joyce a parachurch organisation with the name Real Christians. Over the course of a three year period, this group grew with a worldwide base supporting churches and groups throughout Africa, India, Pakistan and eventually growing their presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

During this time of growth, Sn. Ps. James Hughes was positioned time and time again that these churches and groups wanted to come under a pastoral leadership. Over the duration of many meetings, it was decided unanimously that Real Christians was to re-form as what we see today as Dove Gospel – Multinational. Starting small with support in the USA, those under us from the day’s of our Parachurch began signing property into the network and following the spiritual leadership and guidance of Sn. Ps. James Hughes.

Today, Sn. Ps. James Hughes leads Dove Gospel – Multinational among three multinational personnel who are sent to participate in the community preaching and serving the lord.

Sn. Ps. James Hughes has since launched a home for his congregation in the heart of Sydney, NSW Australia and extended his pastoral care and support to our new branches of Casula and Roseville NSW, Australia.


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