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  • My thanks are shared with those who have been praying for me over this tremulous period of four months, between my return to administrative duties for my office and role as Ecumenical Patriarch and to the upcoming bookings and conferences in negotiation. The prayer and support have kept me on my feet through the physical and spiritual attacks I…Read More

  • Would you agree with this statement? those you share a meal with would hold significance to you and who you hold close to your heart as you devote time to them. Jesus through Matthew 9:10-17, Mark 2:15-22, and Luke 5:29-39 demonstrates his heart was not to judge or divide as we the body have through the many denominations of the world today but…Read More

  • It is not often a photo is captured of my Executive Producer Paloma and I. One such photo took place at a service many months ago, and I’m glad we took it.

  • Where does revival come from? it begins as burning embers, the baptism of Fire (Matthew 3:11) that comes upon you by someone burning with tongues of Fire ( Acts 2).

    The body is confused, it seeks the heart of the father and for transformation to take place across the body. Yet you severe the leg and ostriches the outsiders, the different from…Read More

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Emc. James Hughes

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Founder and Ecumenical Patriarch for Dove Gospel - Multinational.