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    James Hughes

    3 months, 3 weeks ago

    Where does revival come from? it begins as burning embers, the baptism of Fire (Matthew 3:11) that comes upon you by someone burning with tongues of Fire ( Acts 2).

    The body is confused, it seeks the heart of the father and for transformation to take place across the body. Yet you severe the leg and ostriches the outsiders, the different from the mould and those who just as equally profess Jesus Christ as LORD.

    Do you want to see the Fire of Jesus Christ within you, do you want to see Azuza Street in your lifetime? then lay down your judgements at the seat of Jesus, and allow yourself to release control and receive Jesus in the wholesome truth that He brings with the knowledge of Heaven.

    The time is coming like a mighty freight train where the power of Jesus Christ will be seen by all the world, and you are either all for the unity that He will bring with His salvation, or you will knock on the door like the three foolish women who knocked and JESUS DID NOT KNOW THEM! (Matthew 25.1-13).

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