All Believers

We believe in the power of Prayer, that in the tounge there is the power of life and death. Therefore, speak life by this prayer:

“LORD Jesus, I come before you with a heart full of sin and death. My Saviour Jesus Christ, I declare with my tounge that I believe you went to the cross with my sins, that by your sacrifice you went to hell and took the key’s of sin and death.

That you rose again on the third day defeating sin and death, and accended to Heaven; making yourself a living sacrifice for me.”

Baptism of the Holy Spirit:

Jesus, you sent me a helper the Holy Spirit. I open my heart before you, and ask that you may baptize me with your Holy Spirit so that I may be truly set free to receive ever-lasting life, freedom and your word.

At Dove Gospel we believe in the power of family, and that each person should be given the opportunity to connect with their home and family of those who share in the faith of Jesus Christ. Contact our Care Team and we would be more then happy to pray with you!