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DG Church

Uniting Churches, Spreading Faith

Join Dove Gospel – Church in our mission to bring together a family of believers from around the world.

Our Journey

Dove Gospel – Church is a testament to unity in diversity, embracing the heart of fellowship that spans the earth. Our purpose is to weave a tapestry of faith communities, each unique yet bound by the common thread of the Gospel. Together, we are creating a symphony of worship and service, empowering each other through shared resources and strengthened by the solidarity of believers worldwide.

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Are you a pastor or church leader? Let’s join together and open our hearts to the fresh ministry of the Holy Spirit.


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We are diligently working on expanding our website network and sincerely apologize if your country’s website is not yet available. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this development phase. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay prayerful and revisit our site for regular updates on our growing list of locations. 


Discover James Hughes, the visionary founder and spiritual architect of Dove Gospel – Multinational. His passion for faith and global unity has propelled Dove Gospel into a worldwide beacon of hope and transformation. With over 2,500 churches under his leadership and a heart deeply committed to humanitarian efforts, Hughes’ is not just spreading the gospel – he’s shaping a better world.

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