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We are committed to providing a safe place for you to worship Jesus.

James Hughes

Global Network Director & Sn. Pastor

“My heart is for a church without politics, and where JESUS moves in power and authority through his Holy Spirit.”

James Hughes

Global Network Director & Sn. Pastor

“My heart is for a church without politics, and for Dove Gospel to be a space where JESUS moves in power and authority through his Holy Spirit.”


Revival to the nations!

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Our church is dedicated to caring for those the LORD has blessed into our flock. Dove Gospel has launced a team dedicated to caring and praying for you.

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Church – College

With our commitment to care for you, we are also determined to teach you using our tailored and highly regarded material. We will equip you to lead with passion.

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We like to talk with every person that walks through the door’s of a Dove Gospel church. So we invite you to call our Care Team and we will find the best possible church for you to fit right into!

Unlock The Kingdom

We are a movement of churches that uses a number of different technologies and pastoral methods, to reach the globe and to promote salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. 

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As a church we are focused on creating a presence in every nation

Africa | Kampala HQ

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